Descendants of Steinwachs

automatically translated : In this file has I tries all Steinwachs with one another to link. Where (so far?) no relational relations to prove is, the binding over persons Steinwachs without first names and/or with year as first names was made. Sometimes I do not have also persons linked with existing families if this was secured, then I noted it (usually) in the notes.

Errors will have in-crept with security. Should discover you which or additions have: Ask a short or a longer e-mail to me!

Living persons were removed January 2007 from the homepage, since this was wished for a small part. Since taking out or inserting persons is connected with substantial additional work, I decided to delete these completely of the homepage and/or these sides again by the program PAF to provide. Finally it is only a hobby!!! Now thus unfortunately without notes and living persons. With questions or ambiguity thus ask one e-mail to me!!


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